The Podcast and Script

13 Nov

So here it is, the “Evolution of Secondary Screen Gaming” podcast along with a script and bibliography





Hi there, I’m Joe Winfield and welcome to this weeks podcast about the Evolution of secondary screen gaming.

Today I’m going to take you briefly on a journey from the very beginning of secondary screen gaming all the way through the past few decades and then talk about the future of it with various concept ideas and predictions.

In the past, companies like Nintendo have integrated secondary displays to their consoles(1) such as the Game & Watch Series(2), Punch Out!(3) and the Versus System(4) (all which were very popular but were quickly outdated by future releases) and of course the Virtual Boy(5) (which was a complete commercial disaster as it was deemed as not realistic and caused eyestrain and discomfort amongst users).

Consoles such as the Wii U, the DS range and the ability to connect your Gameboy Advance to your Game Cube followed this movement in recent years(6).

However, there are many current approaches to secondary screen gaming that have taken off more effectively. The main examples being how the PS4 (with it’s Cross play concept)(7) and the Xbox One (with it’s Smart glass concept)(8) incorporate smartphones and tablets into their gameplay system. The user can use their iPhone/iPad as a controller or more simply, as a secondary display to provide extra space for onscreen action.

Also the likes of the Microsoft Illumiroom(9) which projects video around your television set which corresponds to the video game that you’re currently playing but unfortunately that project went on hiatus because it would be too expensive according to Microsoft, who later quoted that ‘it was just research’ to basically cover up the failure of it’s not existent production and launch(10).

After such concepts we can only imagine what’s about to come in this field. There are many predictions into the future that are very likely and possible, while others are pretty out of this world.

It’s predicted that Sociality will grow and grow within gaming according to Patrick Miller and Robert Zubek of GDC(11) – both saying that they envisage virtual versions of all our old family favourite games such as scrabble and monopoly being played on coffee tables amongst numerous people in different locations.

A gamer version of Netflix is a likely future feature of gaming where a system starts to pick up your interests and preferences and begins to recommend what to play next along with the option to play old favourites at ease. ‘Gamefly’ is a leading example of this who plans on expanding to every game of every gaming console rather than just currently PC along with a more intelligent search engine(12). Gamefly could ultimately take on the likes of Steam in this field.

The usage of smartphones in video games is definitely going to continue. We’ve seen recently in GTA5(13) that you’ve a smartphone called the iFruit in the game that interacts with your device in your pocket. Dead Rising 3 are lining up the ability of an in game character actually calling your personal phone for help via Xbox Ones Smartglass(14).

Cloud based gaming(15) is becoming more and more popular at present but the current information on it is pretty hidden. However, according to the Verge, Halo4 will have this in full effect with the Xbox One and Smartphone combined(16). Basically, it allows you to play your game anywhere anytime on any device, no memory card needed.

How about performing and synchronising acts within gameplay and in real life? You’re in luck, the CastAR glasses campaign is currently taking place by two former Valve engineers(17), where the end goal plans to be that you play games by moving around in real life wearing these simple sunglasses. Also the likes of Virtual Reality Simulators are becoming more and more of a thing such as the Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator(18) with it’s enclosed ‘Igloo Visual Dome’ space for physical movement and gameplay where you can actually get shot by virtual opponents.

It’s clear that we are going to start seeing more and more secondary screen gaming experiences over the next year and in the future. While there will be a lot of gimmicks out there, hopefully game designers will see past the obvious screen mirror, display maps and inventory views that are quite common with secondary screens at present.

It’s not hard to imagine playing a game on a desktop console and using a surface to create an engaging and deep second screen experience, is it? I think this new medium needs a few showcase games to highlight how to really take advantage of all the possibilities mainstream games will be too afraid to implement. I’d really like to see an affordable way of combining your video game with real life, such as more games like the Anki-Drive where you race virtual cars around your coffee table or on the floor(19).

Without doubt most big gaming manufacturers will take on all these ideas further. The idea of competing against each other with such predictions is a definite, Sony and Microsoft being the titans of course leaving Nintendo and Co in its dust.

Only time will tell…

So, There you have it, the future of secondary screen gaming. I’ve been Joe Winfield, now, un-pause and keep on gaming, take care.



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