My First Experience with Second Screen Gaming – Nintendo DS

29 Oct


The Nintendo DS was my first encounter with two screens, one being the gaming screen while the other being a secondary screen displaying information about what you’re currently undertaking. You may think a console that was released in 2004 shouldn’t be your first experience with anything but as a kid who grew up with a Playstation 1&2, this was my first encounter.

You could date back further where you could connect you and your friends gameboys together with a multi-tap but the Nintendo DS was the first big stepping stone in the evolution of secondary screen gaming.


Here is an example from the Nintendo DS where it features a gaming screen and information screen (Mario Kart DS)


After many initial DS games such as Mario Kart, games evolved from that to actually using both screens for gaming and not one for gaming one for info. This revolutionised the gaming experience – making gamers aware of events happening on two different screens which was a very new feature for them.


Here is an example of having to use two screen to play a game (Pokemon Black/White)


The Nintendo DS in my opinion was definitely the first step in the evolution of secondary screen gaming. From 2004 onwards, companys such as Microsoft and Sony picked up on this idea and continued to develop their ideas into the unimaginable. Later in this blog I will show you various examples of Secondary Screen Gaming through the ages and an insight into what the future holds for it.


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