Violent Games = Violent Acts ?

14 Oct

In this discussion it’s important to remember that not all children are effected by all violent video games and all commit crime. It’s certain types of children and certain types of games which could result to anti social and criminal behaviour.

Violent Kid

Violent computer games have long been popular with children, and with the improvement in technology, many violent games have become more realistic. Excessive violent gaming can become a serious problem because teenagers can develop antisocial behaviour and become disconnected from reality, according to Laura Berk, professor of psychology at Illinois State University.

It’s important to note that Violent video games aren’t like a violent television programme. Watching a television is passive while playing a video game is active. People learn a lot more when they are involved. Suppose you wanted to learn how to drive a car, it is best to learn via actually driving or a video game driving stimulator than reading a book or watching a step by step television program.

Players of video games are more likely to identify with a character. Example is if the game is a first person shooter, the player has the same visual perspective as the character in the game. If it is in a third person, the player controls the character from a distant visual perspective. People are likely to behave more aggressive when they identify with a violent character. A research report in the May 2010 issue of “Psychological Bulletin” led by Iowa State University psychology professor Craig Anderson found that violent gaming can increase feelings of aggression and antisocial behaviour in teenagers, regardless of their sex. Overexposure to violent images found in computer games can lead to the view that violence is a normal way of life. Berk also writes that the Columbine High School teenage murderers were obsessed with playing a violent video game.

On the other side of the spectrum, video games are also good for you. You can release all your stress and anger out within the game rather than other human beings. But the barrier between taking it out in the game and in real life is thin for some people.

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