My chosen area of discussion

3 Oct

After doing research on the various areas I could base my presentation on, I’ve settled with Gaming. Gaming is a very broad subject so I narrowed it down to the effects it has on the younger generation. Which include some topics such as:

  • Are video games educating our children?
  • Are video games bad for our children?
  • Do video games contribute to anti-social behaviour?
  • Do video games subconsciously make our children act differently?
  • The effects of video gaming on our children (Good&Bad)
  • Pro’s and Con’s of video gaming

The list is endless really. There are so many topics to address and argue about in relation to video gaming and young people. We’ve heard numerous stories in the news about violent acts of hatred which have involved the influence of violent video games such as GTA or Call of Duty.

After some thorough research I’ve chosen to work with one of the above topics and calling my study and presentation:

Grand Theft ASBO – Do Video Games contribute to Anti Social behaviour in our children in this Modern Age?

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